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North Bay Motorcycle Club
Santa Rosa, California

Established in 1939
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  North Bay Motorcycle Club


Established in 1939

Meetings the 1st and 3rd Thursdays each month at 7pm

held at our clubhouse:  2286 Woolsey Rd,  Fulton, CA
to contact us by mail:


PO Box 14754

Santa Rosa, CA 95402


Sawmill Row Assignments

 1  J. Ellis
G. Ellis
 2  Steckline Capparelli  
 3 S  Boardman  K   Boardman
 R   Boardman
 11    Lopez  
 13  Tavares Fernandez  
 20  Prichard    
 26 J Wagner
A Wagner
 27  Brace Wahlberg  
 28 Gouldthread Davis  
 29 Hilton Howes  
 30 Snow Thornton  
 31 Zobairi Rose  
 32 Delucchi Riechers  
 33 Bedolla Bessa  
 34 Johnson Lemos  
 35 Hawkins    
 36 Agius Romano  
 51  Fisher Pungpakearti Sartoni
 52  Collins    
 53 Steele Schmidt  
 54 Kickelman Drafali  
 55 Platt Rizzo  
 56 Mills Scarpalla  
 57 Shapiro Sadorra  
 58 Cottingham Pate  
 59 Seller Marchi  
 60 Rooney Shoemate
 61 Eubanks Higgs  
 62 King Southwick
 63 Braga Daniels  
 64 Bellows Holcomb Yoo
 65 Tietgen Tindall  
 66 Woelbing    
 67 Webb Skelton  
 68 Harlan Mussynski  

Ready to sign up??

Time again for the Sawmill Enduro and Crosscut Family Fun Ride!

The is year, the Crosscut Family Enduro has been replaced by the Crosscut Family Fun Ride. We hope to see a lot more casual riders and their families!  The Crosscut Poker Run and the Sawmill Enduro will be held the weekend of  April 18th and 19th. Check back for any changes.

Online signups are open! plus, we will accept mail-in entries up to April 11th.

   There's a map on our online signup page here - the address is approximately 3300 Scott's Creek Rd, Lakeport.  From Scott's Valley Road, take Rigg's Road to Scott's Creek Road and continue to its end.

Our information page is here  

or you can download the flyers for the Crosscut Poker Run or the Sawmill2015

CROSSCUT Family Poker Run - PRIZES!
These are just some of the items that you poker hand winners took home last year!

Bell Helmet; Fox Boots; SRT Offroad Ramps, Stands, etc.; Utility jugs; Jerseys;Hoodies; Gift Certificates; Tie-downs; T-shirts; Hats; Umbrellas and more!
THANK YOU to our generous event sponsors/donors:
SRT Offroad, Hillside Honda Yamaha Marine, G&B Kawasaki, Stowe’s Cycle, 707 Racing Suspension, The Motorcycle Shop, NorthBay Motorsports and others.





Thanks to everyone who participated in the NBMC's  Crosscut and Sawmill Enduros! Please do what you can to support our right to hold these events on public lands. Make your voices heard - areas are being closed and race organizers are finding more obstacles to overcome every day. We need everyone involved to speak up whenever public involvement is possible. Show the politicians who make these decisions that there are large numbers of riders who are paying attention and who care about their votes. Show the local businesses that we can help their communities. Find ways to get involved!

We now have a facebook page! Click Here to check it out!

Important Notice!
    There are suddenly a lot of attacks on our places to ride. NBMC supports the Blue Ribbon Coalition's efforts in keeping areas open. Please join and contribute! Here's a link to their site:


this photo is from the pre-ride
. Check out more on our photo page!