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NBMC is proud to announce that club member Adam Froman will be competing in the 

FIM ISDE Chile 2018


Click here to go to the official FIM web page

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We will be posting news and photos from the event. Several club members are attending to help support the U.S. team.

Adam Froman - U.S. Team at the ISDE 2018 in Chile

See more pictures in the ISDE 2018 Photo Album

posts from Chile


So we are all here safely and ready for the event. We left SFO at 11:59 AM Sunday, and arrived in Chile about 11 AM Monday. A long flight to say the least. At the airport in Santiago there were many riders arriving also. You could tell by the gear bags and suspension boxes being picked up at baggage claim.

  From there we went to get our official US team van which the 7 of us are to use to run check 2. Sadly it is a cargo van and only seats 3! Karin and I are staying in Santiago for a few days so Dave gave us a ride to our hotel while the others waited for Adam Froman to arrive as he also had a car reserved. That brought us to the next adventure, which is navigating around Chile! `It's like Italy in that all of the road names are at least 3 long words that won't fit on a sign, so they abbreviate them in a way that doesn't make  much sense if you speak English.  On top of that one way streets change direction depending on the time of day. Traffic is bad, parking difficult and  it's somewhat smoggy. The city is very clean, but get out of town and trash is piled up everywhere.

Today,Tuesday, the USA container arrived so those at the site helped unload it and get the riders set up their work space. The rest of the week will be spent locating our checkpoints, walking tests with Adam, and stocking our van with water,   food, and anything else the US team might want. On that link I sent out with the maps you will be able to see daily results, teams photos and such.


 I don't have any news from the enduro site to post today, I am still in Santiago. The weather here is warm, high 80's. They say it's about 10 degrees cooler at Vina Del Mar where the event is, but still on the warm side for 6 days of endurance racing. It has not rained here in several days, but there is a chance of rain forecast for Saturday. Karin and I hiked to the base of a glacier in the Andes today. It's dusty but there is moisture just below the surface. Hopefully the event won't be too dusty. The mountains are also very rocky, similar to the Idaho Sawtooths. I wonder if that's what the riders will face when they head into the mountains on days 3 & 4.

  Here in the city, motorcycles are everywhere, unlike other European cities where scooters are the norm. It's mostly 200-250cc singles, lots of dual sports. I also see many Repsol Honda paint jobs and Suzuki's called Gixxers that look to be 200cc singles also. How about a KTM 200 duke, and lots of brands we've never heard of. I do see a full size bike once in a while, but not often.

Gasoline is 860 pesos per liter, which works out to about $1.20 per liter, or about what we pay, diesel is a bunch cheaper so most small trucks and many cars are diesel.


Friday is Karin and I's last day in Santiago. I will be very happy to get out of this city and to the enduro site! It's been interesting being here, but for me 2-3 days in a big city is plenty. Got to keep the wife happy though! Today we went to the two "hills" in the city Santa lucia and San Christobal. Both are now city parks and very well kept. It gets you up high enough to see how bad the smog really is! I had been wondering why we have not seen any older vehicles on the road, and smog is why. If your vehicle does not pass the current smog rules you are not allowed to use it on bad air days, which I was told is about 7 days a month during summer and twice that in winter.

You also see dogs everywhere running loose. They are strays, but well fed and cared for. People leave food and water out for them, and some parks even have community dog houses for them. They have recently started picking them up and neutering them too slow down the population growth. People here love dogs and they are mostly well behaved and friendly.

Eating in Santiago is reasonable and quite good. Breakfast is granola with yogurt, meat & cheese, bread and coffee. Lunch is an empanada or torta. We had an empanada each and fresh peach juice today from a corner market and it was  3000 peso's or about $5 for both of us. A very nice seafood dinner with cocktails set us back about $75, way less then it would cost at home.

Today, Friday, at the ISDE is impound day and rider photo's in full gear. They had an opportunity to practice yesterday and now won't have access to their bikes until start time Monday we have a team meeting Sunday night to get up to date details.All for now,



Got into Santiago yesterday. Driving down here is challenging and finding our way around takes a while. Kind of like Baja but little better. The homes are finished. Got to the U.S. team pits today around 10. The U.S. team all went over and put the bikes into impound this morning. Had lunch and some Chile beers. At around 1 pm Steve Terri Froman and I went out to our check point. Took 45 minutes to get there. Met some people from Argentine had a good bs session despite the language barrier. It was a blast but since we all ride it worked out. Went to look at the check point for days 3 and 4 but kind of got it wrong. We showed up just in time to for me to ditch Steve and Terri to walk a special test with Adam and Trevor. Terrain kind of a mix between Baja and home. 4.5 miles special test. Some real challenge off camber with turns in the middle creek sections like home  one short section of big rocks/ boulders. Food here leaves something to be desired.  


I Just got back from the Sunday night team meeting. The first rider leaves at 8 AM, the last at 11:30 AM. The U.S. team is towards the back based on last years results. Adam is on the 3rd to last row. The team plan is to to move up by posting fast times on day 1. Each day's starting order changes based on the days results. The riders are all excited and ready to reclaim the trophies!

For us, service check 2, our day starts at 6. We have to load the riders personal supplies in the van and be on the road by 6:30. We have a tent to set up, gas cans, enviro mats, bike stands, water, food, wash towels and more to bring. We have to greet the riders and find out if they are on time or late, and figure out the time they need to leave our check by. We can gas up their bike for them, but won't do so unless they ask. It's very dusty so many riders will be changing air filters if time allows. Adam has 10 filters and will probably use 3 per day, so we will be cleaning filters at night. KTM brought  700 filters for the trophy team and will just throw them away. Got to keep the 2 st gas separate! They go right in to a special after us that ends there too, so we get to see some action also.

I hope to have some good action pics and results tomorrow!



Things are going well for the The lead has been going back and forth between us and Australia. Taylor Robert was the overall leader last night and held it through the middle of today when we closed our check. We have several riders in the top 10 and all of the teams are within striking distance of the lead. Adam Froman ended the day needing stitches in his elbow, but he moved up over an hour in start position and was 42nd in club riders. A very nice result, in gold medal contention.Today was going better for Adam as he took as much as 15 sec. off some of his test times. He is riding around riders closer to his speed now that he moved up so he has fewer passes to make in the tests. He is feeling good and is very focused on his goal, which is to earn gold.

 It continues to be very dusty. The riders have to ride about 25km in and out of the city each day and traffic is a constant problem. The promoter added 5 minutes to the last check yesterday to allow for it, and may have to adjust some times today also. The police are unhappy with motorcycles speeding past the traffic and have threatened to impound speeders. By and  large Chile is doing a good job with the conditions they have  moved pits and re-routed the course to help things out. Days 3 and 4 will be all new so there will be a little less silt for a while. At our check, we put in a 14 hr day Monday. We look like dust bowl refugees when we finally get back to the hotel! Today was shorter as our riders were grouped closer together, but that made for some hectic times as we had as many as 12 riders at a time to service. A few riders also planned to do oil changes and other service at our check that they couldn't get done at Parc Fume . The course marshals were keeping a close eye on us as we are leading the field. Jeff Fredette also observed us for a hour or 2 and had high praise for the North Bay M/C crew! Throw in a couple of crash related repairs and it was busy, but we are taking excellent car of our riders. As you all would expect, Dave Froman has set a high bar for our level of service, and the riders really appreciate it! I'll try to get a story out tomorrow, and Karin will send some pics today as well




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this photo is from the pre-ride
. Check out more on our photo page!